Gospel News – Story of the Year 2014

Faith, Hope and Love
Gospel News – Faith, Hope and Love
The father's love revealed.
The father’s love revealed.

Miraculously Kept in the Love of God

Emergency crews at Scott’s accident (Click to enlarge)The serenity of the newly fallen snow on January 29 was shattered as red and blue emergency lights converged on an accident in northern Michigan. Andrew Wommack Ministries partner Scott Peterson struggled with consciousness as his heart slowed in the -9 degree weather. “Jesus!” he managed to exclaim before darkness took him.

After stopping to help a stranded motorist in the ice and snow of that winter day, another car spun out on the icy roads, lost control, and veered into the ditch where he was working, pinning him between two vehicles. Scott started rapidly losing blood. He was life-flighted to the nearest hospital for emergency surgery to try and stabilize his condition. The doctors discovered that his femoral artery—the main blood carrier in the lower half of the body—had been severed! As a result, Scott was down thirty-two units of blood. Though the negative temperatures had created a dangerous stretch of road, they had also saved his life because the cold had slowed Scott’s heart enough to keep him from bleeding out before paramedics could arrive.

Snowy roads and below-zero temperatures created a dangerous stretch of road in northern Michigan (Click to enlarge)As soon as Scott was stable, he was transferred to the University of Michigan’s hospital in Ann Arbor, where he stayed for the next 105 days, enduring twenty-five different operations to save his life and leg. With massive amount of blood loss, slipping in and out of comas, soft tissue damage, and organ stress, Scott was not expected to live. Doctors told his wife, Diane, to expect amputation as the “best-case scenario” for his recovery. But Diane refused to limit her faith to that.

Scott with his family before the accident (Click to enlarge)Scott began the slow process of recovery as he and his wife relied on the truths they’d learned from Andrew and others of God’s unconditional love. Sometime in February, he remembered having a vision. He says, “I wish I had a better vocabulary to describe what I saw, but I’ll never forget it. I saw a demon looking at me with eyes full of hate and perversion—the best way to describe it is it was completely opposite of God. It was a kind-of grotesque, human-looking thing that might have been very beautiful at one time. It was hunched over and weirdly disproportionate. Then, in my vision, Jesus came. The demon screamed like it was in pain or terrified. At that moment, I realized Satan’s only power was fear. But I knew that God loved me and that He would take care of me. It built my faith.” And, just like Scripture promises, the perfect love of God drove all fear from Scott’s mind (1 John 4:18). Throughout his ordeal, Scott said he never felt fear. He forgot all about formulas—he didn’t even quote Scripture—he just relied on the love of God.

Scott Peterson working hard in therapy (Click to enlarge)Today Scott is walking on two healthy legs. He is driving and rebuilding his strength. His therapist recently declared, “If we’d seen this kind of recovery after three years of therapy, I’d be ecstatic.” But it’s only been nine months!

“We’ll never fully understand the love of God,” Scott remarks. “Once, during my hospital stay, I died and saw the Lord. Seeing Him was like looking into light, but it felt…it’s hard to describe…peaceful…joyful. It felt like coming home from war. I knew love unlike any I’ve ever experienced.” The kind of love, Scott says, he’ll never doubt again.

9 thoughts on “Gospel News – Story of the Year 2014”

    1. Yeh, it is really amazing…..in pain he chose not to think about his condition but still remembered and relied on God’s love for him.


  1. Awesome. This is pure Faith.How then can we define Faith… it is trusting in the unfailing Love of God to be there with us in whatsoever situation we find ourselves.. awesome testimony


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