Why am I Christian?

chris Nyavor
chris Nyavor

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Most of us haven’t asked ourselves that ultimate question, mostly because we are clueless
But what if all we were told and taught in the Church was a lie? What if we have believed a lie all our lives? But you see we have not followed cannily devised stories as Peter shows us in the Word of God.
Reading all the books in the world doesn’t give us an answer, it might tell us about the answer.
The answer is neither in theology nor doctrine, nor principles. Respectfully, it’s not in religion as well.
So why am I Christian?
Mostly I was born into a Christian home, I was told to go to church, pray and fast, read my bible, win souls for crowns, obey the 10 commandments to be righteous.
If that was the reason why I was a Christian, then I met a Moslem whose story wasn’t different from mine because he was also born into an Islamic home and told also to do the same things. Therefore, there was no difference except that we were born in different homes.
Not long I met an Indian, Syrian and his story wasn’t different.
Looking  at things this way, there will be no need to tell them, Christianity is the only way to relate to God. If it’s because of my Christian Home, they too were born into a home they had no choice in deciding which home they were born into. If it was praying and fasting, they also pray and fast if not even more than I did, if reading the bible, they also read their own bible. If it was my beliefs, they also had their own set of beliefs.
I know a colleague of mine, I use to work with, he actually converted from being a Christian to Islamic religion after attending Bible school. I know many will be surprised, so I asked him why? I was shocked by his response. He told, me the Christian laws and rules are not very strict but rather he found that the Islamic laws were much stricter. You see, he was told that to be a Christian or to know God and for him to help you, you have to follow the rules and regulation. So when he found a much stricter rule and regulation, he was convinced to move and be converted into Islam.
I beautifully recall, last year December, in a moving car to work. There was an ongoing discussion in the car between a Moslem and a Christian about which one of the two is the best way. It looked like, the Moslem had even read the whole bible making it really easy for him to counter the Christian. I reluctantly joined the discussion, with the question, what is your fault with Christianity? In his own words, Jesus never said we should worship him. I laughed and smiled and asked him, is that his only problem, he said yes. Then I said if I showed him in the bible would he belief ? He was reluctant to answer initially, but when I asked him again and again , he said ok yes. I happen to show him quickly in John, where  Jesus said, I and the father are one and also I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH and THE LIFE. Then he replied, sharply, is it written in red ink? I laughed and the rest of the people in the car started laughing too. I said why red Ink?  He said, only the words written in red ink, were actually said by Jesus, but the once written in black were written or added by other men.
We continue to laugh respectfully in the moving car. So I ask him does he know it wasn’t Jesus himself the wrote down those words in red ink but rather, it was the same people who wrote the red, who wrote the black. Apparently he didn’t know. He was still of the view that Jesus said and wrote that himself in red. Further from this point I knew we could not come to a conclusion.  I won the discussion respectfully but, I didn’t win his heart.
So I decided to ask him the ultimate question. Do you know why I am christian?
Then I told him The Truth, it’s only in Christianity that i see and hear that God so loved me …..and sent his only begotten son to die for me..irrespective of what I have done, am doing and will ever do. Now that changed the look on his face, so I asked him does your Allah love you enough to send Mohammad to die for you?
Guess what, he couldn’t answer that. He took my mobile number and said he will call me later. When I arrived at  work, I realize that many have still not seen the difference. So far as God is still some Judgmental God to you, you are not talking about Christianity. So far as God is all about some set of rules and regulation, it’s not Christianity but religion.
Man and his tradition shows us what we have to do, but Christianity shows us what God has accomplished for us in Christ Jesus. Religion says if you don’t pray enough, fast enough, pay your tithe, Study the word enough, do you quite time,confessions,go to church, then God will not move on our behalf, bless you, prosper you and heal you. No, on the contrary, Christianity is the very opposite, God through Jesus has already blessed us and moved on our behalf. God has done everything, He will ever do. The truth is, God is not doing anything again. Now you can pay your tithe and give generously because God has blessed you, not so that God will bless you. Another example is people say confession for possession. No, you confess because actually you are an heir of God and joint heir with Christ, and all things are yours. . It’s rather unfortunate, as nice as the Law of Attraction may sound, it has nothing to do with Christianity, from God’s Word. He is not saying think positive, so that positive thing should happen to you, rather he say think positive because thus who you are.
In Christianity, we boast of God as LOVE. Perfect Love cast out fear, but sadly a lot of people are still living in fear, doubt and unbelief.
In Christianity, God becomes our father and we are his sons. It’s a love relationship, we are born into the God family. As sons we inherit all that our father has. We are not trying to become, we are who God says we are. Religion cannot express the relationship we have with God as a love relationship. It’s blasphemy to them.
This truth, when discovered  personally from your inside changes everything about your perspective on life and the walk of faith. You become more restful in accomplishing anything.
It’s my hope that this gospel when presented in Love will cause all men to see what great a freedom (salvation), a liberty in the spirit we have.
The father's love revealed.
The father’s love revealed.

12 thoughts on “Why am I Christian?”

  1. wow i’m so blessed with this wonderful enlightenment…
    it means as christians, we dont do to become but rather, we do because we already are.
    we dont give to only receive but rather, we give because we are abundantly blessed.

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  2. wow, thank you Minister… personally, I see this to be so fundamental and intrinsic part of our life as christians. this is it… it’s “a must know”
    with the knowledge of this, you know the end right from the beginning. hallelujah !!!

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  3. God bless u Christian…have also had several encounters frm families n friends abt why am no longer a muslim bt a christian..bt By His Grace i always defend my faith.ur message have really enlighted me on soo many things now.God bless u

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  4. This so blessed me. God bless you for sharing. Understanding our faith personally in Christ is to truly know who we are in Christ. John 15:9, Christ says “Remain in me”. In Him is this ultimate love.

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