• Everything that is natural was once spiritual.”the words that I speak on to you, they are spirit and life”
  • God was not created because of man. Man was created because of God
  • Its the fruit of the spirit not the fruits of the spirit.
  • There is faith as a gift and faith as a fruit
  • Fear, unbelief, doubt, selfishness is the result of not fully trusting love of God
  • We have rarely taught about the Holy Ghost as a Love Person but thus who He is.
  • God doesn’t love givers, He loves a Cheerful Giver.
  • Love is not been lazy but rather responsible
  • Faith doesn’t move God, it only moves us to action.
  • The cornerstone of all positive revelation hugs on thing “the Love of God”
  • Love has two legs, two hands, two eyes, to ears thus faith and hope.
  • When you die to self, you don’t feel insulted.

renewal of mind

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