The Psalms of the Christian 101

Psalms of the Christian

Episode 1

  1. Father, our hearts and mouths are filled with the wonder and praise of your Spirit within us. You haven’t hidden yourself from us Lord. But rather, you have flooded us completely with Yourself. All these years, you have patiently been boiling and cooking your Spirit within us. You have spiced us Lord with LOVE, JOY, PEACE, HOPE and FAITH. What an aroma to the world you have made us.
  2. Our whole being, spirit, soul and body structure response to your ever dwelling presence, early in the morning and late at night. Yes, Lord, it’s true that you promised us the later rains of your Spirit and now, even now, that later rain of your Spirit, has been pouring on us without holding back.
  3. Thank you Father, for the ultimate treasure, with which you have treasured us. For it cannot be compared to pure gold, neither can it be compared to diamond nor silver. We are worth far more than the entire creation and the world to come. Because of this treasure, you were more than willing to empty your very self of everything.
  4. The human mind cannot fathom why, of all your majesty and glory, You cherry-picked earthen vessels like us, as your permanent and holy habitation. Of the truth, you have said, you will choose, the foolish things of this world to confound the wise.
  5. I have often sat and enquired diligently on what manner of material or substance you birthed us from. You took us beyond creation and birthed us from your own self and loins, never again to be dented with sin and death.
  6. When, I saw into your eternal purpose, Hallelujah, I was completely soaked in your awe. Knowing that of all that you are in Glory both in Heaven and on Earth, you have deliberately chosen us as your final inheritance. Oh God our Father, words cannot describe, the amount of divine reverence and honor, with which you have placed on us your sons.

To the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

By: Min Chris Nyavor

The Wireless Church



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