Psalms of the Christian 102

Episode 102

  1. Who is He that comes in the Name of the Lord, He that is born with righteousness and molded in the finest form of Godly perfection. In whose being is the very source of existence. That name transmits and yet transcends Majesty, Glory and Honour.
  2. For in that name there is Peace, yes the Prince of Peace, in that precious name there is Hope, the very Hope of all nations, which Hope we have as a sure Anchor of our souls.
  3. From eternity to everlasting, from generations to generations, divine beings coupled with the sons of men have often wondered and queried WHAT is YOUR NAME? That which was a mystery is henceforth no more a mystery.
  4. For in the SIMPLICITY of the name -JESUS ­­– you have vested all authority, power and will in heaven, on earth and under the earth, even unto the coming of a new heaven and a new earth. Verily Verily, there is no NAME given to the Godhead than the name JESUS.
  5. ­ How can we begin to fathom what manner of benevolence YOU have bestowed upon Man? For who is Man that thou are mindful to surname him after YOUR very precious name JESUS. So much as to function and operate in the name JESUS. We sing to that name; we lift up holy hands unto that name.
  6. To wherever this psalm is read, hallelujah, that name JESUS is ever flooding the spirits, souls and bodies of men and women. We see Jesus raining heavily and flooding the whole earth as waters upon the sea. We are continually drunk and filled singing and shouting hosanna to that precious name Jesus
  7. We call the name Jesus, LORD and MASTER over ALL, in ALL and under ALL

20 thoughts on “Psalms of the Christian 102”

  1. Awwwwww. Very refreshing!!! We need more. I need more!!! We need one on God’s attitude towards us in times of challenges. This Psalm is very great and refreshing!!!!!! Bless!!!

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  2. So awesome. This is a love melody. Oh The precious name Jesus, the name by which LOVE was manifested and became a reality. To The precious name we lift our holy hands

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